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 SAP Consulting Dieter Radeke

Logo Consulting since July 2020

 Period   Project   Role in project 
 Preparation of remodeling the complete IT-landscape at a middle sized 
customer from the production industry with the topics:
- conversion from SAP ECC to SAP S/4HANA following the Greenfield-approach
- selection of standard-software for
   --> access-control, time-management, operational data collection
   --> document management including archiving
   --> management of incoming suppliers invoices
   --> electronical sending of outgoing invoices
   --> purchasing portal to get more efficiency in buying material
   --> connection of CAD-systems
   --> Software-support for export control and customs declarations
 Project Manager




 Syntax Systems GmbH & Co. KG

syntaxJuly 2019 - June 2020

 Period  Project  Role in project  Project size
 Implementation of SAP S/4HANA cloud for a customer
coming from the packaging industry
 Project Manager  20 Syntax-Consultants




lidl logo2

 Lidl Stiftung & Co. KG

October 2015 – October 2018

Period   Project  Role in project  Project size

Preparation of the technical conversion of the Lidl-SAP-ERP-solution to SAP S/4 HANA  Project Manager  as part of the SAP program:

~€ 500 million total Program-Budget

 Implementation of SAP Retail for HANA in 28 different countries Project Manager for Allocations of Fresh Products  as part of the SAP program:
~€ 500 million total Program-Budget

diebold nixdorf

 Wincor Nixdorf Retail Consulting GmbH

(now Diebold Nixdorf)

January 2015 – September 2015

 Period  Project  Role in project Project size 
 2015  Implementation of a Standard-ERP-System for a middle size Food-Retailer in Italy  Project Manager and Solution Architect  ~2 Mio. € Project budget


accenture logo2

 Accenture GmbH

November 2012 – December 2014

 Period  Project  Role in project  Project size
 2014 Implementation of SAP in Europe for one of the biggest brewery companies in the world  Delivery Lead Logistics responsible for the implementation of SAP WM, SAP LE and SAP EWM in the countries Finland, Poland and Switzerland  ~40 team members
 2014 Implementation of SAP with the core components ECC and EWM in the logistics area of a big German mail order business company  Support of the Program-Management (coming from the customer) during the initialization of the program  ~€ 20 million Program-budget
 12/2013 Combining existing IT-systems during a company-merger in Japan  Support of the project management on site in Tokyo  ~10 Mio.€ Program-budget
 2013 New implementation of SAP ECC within a large international multi-technical company  Supply Chain Lead for the European markets. Responsible for the areas MTD (make to deliver), LEX (logistics), OTC (order to cash), MTO (market to order), STP (source to pay). SAP modules MM, SD, WM,GTS
~30 team members (also coming from




kaufland logo neu

 Kaufland Information Systems

May 2007 – October 2012

 Period  Project  Role in project  Project size
 Conception and international execution of a SAP LES Release-Change for 31 SAP systems  Project manager  ~€ 2 million Project-budget
 Conception of a solution for the management of optimal delivery times of the goods to the Kaufland-stores  Project manager  ~€ 0.5 million Project-budget

 Implementation of SAP LES as well as additional components of SAP Retail and a Pick-by-Voice system in the following abroad-countries of Kaufland:
-Czech Republic
 Project manager responsible for local implementation.

The management of this complex project required my permanent presence locally in the country (approx. 9 months per country).

My main tasks in the project:

  • Project planning
  • Determination of the country-specific software Deltas and co-ordination of the creation of the business- and IT-concepts to realize the Deltas
  • Organization of the user trainings in the country (for each country up to 700 colleagues)
  • Communicating with the management of all affected departments / areas
  • Co-ordination of extensive system test
  • activities before productive start
Leading the activities of the productive starts done as scheduled

~30 international team members,

~€ 2 million Project-budget per location



ssi logo digital

 Salomon Automation GmbH

(now SSI Schaefer)

January 2004 – April 2007

 Period  Project  Role in project  Project size
Support of the implementation of SAP Retail with the warehouse management system WAMAS within a reseller for home textiles  Project manager  ~10 team members
Implementation of the warehouse management system WAMAS and a Pick-by- Voice system within the food discounter ALDI south  Project manager  ~20 team members
End of 2005
 Implementation of the warehouse management system WAMAS in connection with extensive warehouse automation technic in a large company of the meat-processing industry (company Bauerngut in Bueckeburg, Germany)  Project manager  ~20 team members
End of 2005
Implementation of the warehouse management system WAMAS in all distribution centers of the food retailer EDEKA Project manager responsible for
  • overall project planning
  • Technical documentation
  • Business concepts, IT-concepts
the successful implementation in all distribution centers of one EDEKA wholesale business unit
 ~25 team members





 Tengelmann Group

November 1991 – December 2003

 Period  Project  Role in project  Project size
 2003 Overtaking the supply of all german PLUS stores with fresh meat/fresh poultry with a plus-own logistics system Project manager ~5 team members (internal and external)
 Implementation of the warehouse management system ALWIS in additional distribution centers of PLUS  Project manager  ~10 team members (internal and external)
 Creation of a uniform ERP-System for the discounter PLUS  Deputy overall project manager  ~30 team members
 2002  Finding of strategy for the uniformation of all ERP- and warehouse management systems used by the company PLUS  Project manager  ~10 team members
 2001  Implementation of a standard software for the tasks:
-software/ database
 -software version-management
- software distribution
 Project manager  ~5 team members
 Integration of additional purchase functionalities into the ERP-system EUROLOG  Project manager  ~10 team members (internal and external))
 Conversion of the IT-systems of the entire Tengelmann group to €uro  Subproject leader with relevant part at the conception of the approach  ~100 team members in the whole project
 Evaluation and prototyping of SAP R/3 Retail as basis for the decision of a new system architecture  Subproject leader (responsible for logistics systems)  ~15 team members
 Safekeeping of proper turn to the year 2000 with the IT-systems of the entire Tengelmann group  Subproject leader (responsible for a group of systems)  ~100 team members in the whole project
 Advancement of the ERP-system EUROLOG for optimized use within the assortment fruits and vegetables  Project manager  ~10 team members (internal and external)
 Conception, development and practice implementation of the “multi-warehouse-availability“of the ERP-system EUROLOG with centralization of sourcing activities  Project manager  ~15 team members (internal and external)
 1997  Implementation of the ERP-system EUROLOG within plus discount Czech Republic, Prague  Project manager  ~20 team members (internal and external)
 Implementation of the ERP-system EUROLOG within plus discount Poland, Katowice  Project manager  ~20 team members (internal and external)
 Advancement of the ERP-system EUROLOG for use with all assortment ranges, translation into the Spanish language and its implementation within Tengelmann España, Madrid  Project manager  ~25 team members (internal and external)
 Development of a new PROGRESS-based ERP-system (internally called EUROLOG) for the fruit purchase departments of the entire German Tengelmann group with interfaces to SAP R/3 FI/CO and Data Information Warehouse  

Project team member with the tasks:

  • System administration/installation of practice systems
  • Database design
  • Database administration
  • Application design
  • Production of business- and IT-concepts
  • Programming
 ~30 team members (internal and external)



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